Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Has it really been that long?

I did not realise that it has nearly been 2 months since I last bored you with my blogs. A lot has changed the last three months. I am now in sixth year, I am applying for universities, my school has moved to the new building which is a cross between a prison and a hospital and the SPL season has started again which means I have to listen to the football every Saturday at work.

Oh, and I nearly forgot: I attended the Amanda Palmer book signing and the Amanda Palmer concert during the Fringe festival in Edinburgh. Both events were very enjoyable. I now have a signed CD, a picture a me and Amanda Palmer and a poster from her gig. All good fun!

As I am now in my final year at school, I now have to apply to different universities as the staff at Biggar High School want to get rid of me and my fellow classmates. It was strange going back to school without some of the friends I have made during the past 6 years, and the move to the new building. I only have one thing to say about the new building. I hate it. Plain and simple. The architect who designed the building should be shot. No common room (though, if I am honest with myself, I would never use), there are several tables set up at one end of "The Street" (stupid name for a canteen - it is NOT hip and down with da yoof), which is a pathetic excuse for a stage, the vending machines only sell healthy products, the bus bay is awful, the lockers are too small and finally, there is a lock down. Basically, the school doors lock at certain times of the day: after the second morning bell, after interval and after lunch. I am not a big fan.

As for Universities, I have to apply to 5 universities so that I do not have to pay. So my choices are: Moray House, Edinburgh University, Glasgow University, Strathclyde University, RSAMD and the Caledonian University. For a girl had never shopped in Glasgow until last year, most of my choices are in Glasgow. I am applying for universities which are easy to commute to. If I a honest with myself, I would have liked to apply to other universities such as Aberdeen, Stirling even Dundee, but it is cheaper for me to commute to uni instead of renting a flat or going into halls of residence. Anyway, I have to finish my Personal statement by tomorrow, so that should be fun.

There are a few things which have not changed. I am still single (which I am glad about as people who have public relationships (in other words, make lovey dovey faces at each other in public) make me feel sick. However, I dare not say "Get a room", as some of the comebacks I have previously recieved are just as sickening. I am still a caffine addict and a chocoholic and proud of it!! Now all that I have to do is go and listen to the new Muse cd, or go upstairs and turn the BTW production of Cinderella off.

Bye for now.

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