Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Haven't blogged for quite a while.
A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. Christmas was good but quite, there has been far too much snow for my liking, Prelims are coming up and I have university interviews coming up.

Yesterday, I had my first interview at Glasgow University. This required me to have some knowledge of The Curriculum for Excellence. So I borrowed material off my lovely teachers, spent hours online and bother my mother. However, in my interview, they didn't ask me anything about The Curriculum for Excellence. But not to worry. the whole experience was rather enjoyable and good experience for other interviews.

Speaking of other interviews, I have just found out that I have an interview at Moray House. This is great apart from the fact that it is the day before my English Prelim. Also, I have to get into Edinburgh for 8:30am. How I am going to get in for 8:30, I have no idea, but we will work something out.

Anyway, I had better go and get myself ready for school. This has been a short post, but at least I have updated it.

Bye y'all.

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