Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Howdy folks!

Wow! Managing to blog two weeks after my previous blog, I am doing well!

Well, where to begin. In my last blog I was talking about my interview with Glasgow University, and the Prelims. Well, I have since had my interview for Moray House, as well as an interview for Napier University and Strathclyde University. I have also received my Prelim results.

Firstly, the interview at Moray House. I was all by myself for this interview, but it wasn't too bad. Applicants had been split into two groups for interviewing, and I was in the second group, which meant that I had about an hour and a half to prepare myself. The interview itself was not bad at all. We were interviewed in groups of four, with a lecteurer from the University and a Head Teacher from a local Primary School, which made the whole process slightly more enjoyable. Anyhoo, I feel that it went well, and I am now waiting to hear back. As for Napier, that was a completely different ball game. I was applying for a BMus (Honours) degree with my Principal Study as voice. I went in for my audition, managed to sing both my audition pieces in half the time (my accompanist was very enthusiastic!), and was then given a quick tour of the University. I have since heard back from Napier, and I have been offered a Conditional, so I need to achieve my Grade 5 theory and pass Higher English. No pressure. Strathclyde again was a completely different experience. The layout of the interview didn't really focus on you selling yourself, but rather the knowledge you have on up-to-date topics in the teaching world. Anyway, it was a horrible experience, and I don't expect to hear back from them anytime soon.

As for the prelims, I can honestly say that I am in a better position than I was last year. As I am sure I have moaned about in previous posts, I am taking five subjects this year, which means five exams. My results were very promising, having received an A for Art, B for Music, B for History and a C for English. Maths was.... disappointing. However, I have now got the focus to achieve good marks for the final exams in May, and then I have to worry about my Grade 5 theory. And my driving theory. And my driving test. Gulp.

Apart from Universities and prelims, there is nothing more to report on. The Juniors show Olivia goes on in April and then that is us until August. I am still taking driving lessons, as I want to be sure that I can pass first time, and then not have to worry about it, and I still work at the local bakery in Biggar. I only have... eight weeks on High School left and then I am thrown into the big, bad world. Scary stuff.

Anyway, I had better go. I have to have a debate with a fifteen year old about the flaws in the band JLS. Not my younger sister, I hasten to add, she has taste. Wish me luck!


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